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The Peaceful Economic System

Uniting the World Building Wealth as One

Peaceful Mall is a world-oriented internet platform with the mission and vision of 'Uniting the World, Building Wealth as One'. It practices building a world-class business ecosystem for global resource sharing. As an all-in-one commercial platform covering eight major businesses, including lifestyle, culture, health, education, tourism, catering, finance, and e-commerce, Peaceful Mall provides services and consumption for people's various needs in different life scenarios. It connects convenient living and shared benefits through a partnership and membership mechanism for comprehensive and sustainable connections, thus achieving the integration and development of the business ecosystem. Peaceful Mall belongs to the Peaceful system. Peaceful Restaurant, a well-known brand under the Peaceful system, has become a promoter of Chinese culture into the mainstream market by using a standardized chain store model since its founder, Mr. Charlie Huang, established it in 1998. Mr. Charlie Huang is not only the pioneer of promoting Chinese culture but also the founder of the Peaceful system. The Peaceful system includes Peaceful Media and Peaceful College, which provide strong support for the branding promotion and talent supply chain of the Peaceful system's business ecosystem. Peaceful Mall aspires to create a business community facing the world by replicating and developing the Peaceful system both online and offline in various countries and cities worldwide. It achieves a win-win situation and shared benefits for the platform and the business community through the Global Hundred Million Project, the Golden Chopsticks global standard evaluation system for Chinese cuisine, and community operations.

Peaceful Mall Partners

Owners of products, services or IP who share original content on our platform. They attract audiences and customers to earn peaceful coins. Then, according to the activity level of the invited members, the partners will receive corresponding value of peaceful coins.


Members must be refered by a partners. Partners attract members with their original contents. Members will earn peaceful coins through consumption, shopping, browsing, likes and etc.

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